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GMT Transfer Pricing Consulting


Adress: E.T.S. Marunouchi Building 5F, 3-3-1 Nihonbashi Marunouchi, Chuou-ku, Tokyo Japan


president:Hirokazu Tajima


Contact: tajima@itenkakaku.jp


Our experts provide clients with responsive transfer pricing consulting service and hands-on involvement, resulting in thoughtful insights and solutions that are:


Free from Regulatory Conflict
 We are the sole tax advisory office specialized in transfer pricing and valuation consulting in Japan. This unique position allows our advisors to provide clients with advice and viewpoints that are unequivocally free from any conflict and independence concerns.

Practical and Well-defined
Our advisors provide practical, well-defined solutions incorporating industry best practices with an unrelenting sense of urgency. Our lead experts remain involved throughout the duration of each project ensuring that recommendations are thoughtfully aligned with the departmental and organizational goals of the client.


GMT transfer pricing consulting professionals make it their mission to act as true advisors to companies facing transfer pricing issues. We understand that some companies are better off doing some transfer pricing activities in-house, while other companies look for comprehensive transfer pricing assistance.

In both situations, companies are looking to obtain the benefit of an independent firm of experts for some component of their transfer pricing needs. GMT helps you determine the best balance for your company.

Our advisors have a wealth of expertise in the following types of services:


  • Analyses of Service Transactions Under New U.S. Services and Intangibles Regulations
  • Tax Provisions Review for Transfer Pricing
  • Global Transfer Pricing/OECD Policy Analysis
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation
  • Advanced Pricing Agreements (APAs)
  • Design & Implementation of Transfer Pricing Strategies
  • Local Country Transfer Pricing Reviews
  • Cost Sharing Arrangements
  • Competent Authority Support
  • Audit-Defence